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BKF Relationship Goals - eBook



BKF Relationship Goals - Paperback

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BKF Relationship Goals is now available for purchase!


This book consists of 7 detailed chapters that can help you understand the pros and cons of getting married, budgeting as a team, establishing your Top 5 Financial goals as a couple, buying a house together and much more!

​​Chapter 1 ​- Why you get Curved

Chapter 2 ​- No future in your Frontin'

​Chapter 3 - ​The Keys to Having a Happy Financial Relationship

Chapter 4 - ​Planning your Marriage

Chapter 5 - The Debt Free Wedding

Chapter 6 - Buying a House as a Team

Chapter 7 - Investing as a Team


View the Various Sections of the Book: 

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-eBook (PDF)
-BKF Relationship Goals Wedding Planner & Budget
-BKF Budgeting Software, Wedding Planner & Debt Snowball Calculator. 
-Entrance into the of ​The Winner's Circle​ live stream classes.
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Paperback includes:


-BKF Budgeting Software, Wedding Planner & Debt Snowball Calculator. 
-Entrance into The Winner's Circle​ live stream classes. 
-Will ship standard mail through USPS. Please allow 7-10 business days for arrival!


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Get a free workbook added to your package when you purchase 2 copies of BKF Relationship Goals! 

After you and your partner separately read your own copies of BKF Relationship goals, the workbook will help you sit down and apply what you've learned together!

(note: the workbook comes with the purchase of 2 paperback purchases only)

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