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The most helpful book on buying and leasing cars is available NOW!

View the Various Sections of the Book: 

Also please note that for paperback copies purchased, we ship standard mail through USPS. Please allow

7-10 business days for arrival!

For eBooks, please check the email inbox of the account you provided during checkout.

The Car God Consultation Program

There are perks of being in the Car God  Program: 

  • Receive a month's worth of 1 on 1 help via Facebook messenger online chat regarding the review of up to (10) lease or car purchase deals. ​

  • Ask unlimited questions on all things car related, throughout the 30 day membership period.

  • Get a walk through and hand holding on how to use the Car God online purchase planner. Insure your success!

Note: the 10 deal review must be requested within 30 days of signing up for the Car God Consultation.

 $50 for 30 days.
This program is for Car God book owners only.

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