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So many people around us are being preyed upon by high car notes, fuel inefficient vehicles, warranty-denied repairs, ridiculous insurance premiums and more.


And then despite all of this, we continue to go back to these same dealerships that hustled us into these death traps to begin, learning nothing new but expecting something different.

Well today we fight back. 


In *The Car God*, Jarim Person-Lynn walks you through what he’s learned on the front lines as a purchase & lease consultant for many years. He’s helped hundreds of Clients from all walks of life avoid the pitfalls of walking into the lions dent unprepared and without a plan.


From negotiating prior to setting foot inside of a dealership to choosing the right types of reliable cars to begin, you will learn all of the secrets these predatory dealerships do not want you to know.


Lessons you’ll learn from the book:

  • What to never, ever, ever do when buying a car.
  • How to choose, locate and negotiate the right vehicle.
  • The 7 ways to lease like a complete pro.
  • How to avoid having to rely on owning a car in the first place.

and much more.


Indeed, this could potentially be the most helpful car guide that’s ever been written.

-Access to The Car God Online Purchase/Lease planner
-Entrance into BKF University online classes
-Access to the Car God *purchase & lease consultation* upgrade ($20/month)

**Please note: to sign up for the Car God purchase & lease consultation after reading the book, click HERE.


Shipping: Will ship standard mail through USPS. sPlease allow 7-10 business days for arrival!

*The Car God* - Paperback

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