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The latest installment in the BKF series - BKF Relationship Goals is now available for purchase!


Let 2017 become the year of TEAMWORK in our community, especially within our immediate households.


This book consists of 7 detailed chapters that can help you understand the pros and cons of getting married, budgeting as a team, establishing your Top 5 Financial goals as a couple, buying a house together and much more!


Lessons you'll learn in the book:

​​Course 1 ​- Why you get curved
​Course 2 - ​No future in your frontin'
​Course 3 ​- Keys to having a happy financial relationship
​​Course 4 ​- Planning your marriage
​Course 5 ​- The Debt Free Wedding
​Course 6 ​- Buying a House as a Team
Course 7: Investing as a Team



-BKF Relationship Goals Wedding Planner, Budgeting Software & Debt Snowball Calculator.

-Entrance into The Winner's Circle​ online classes.

Shipping: Will ship standard mail through USPS. sPlease allow 7-10 business days for arrival!

BKF Relationship Goals - Paperback

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