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The latest installment in the BKF series - BKF Relationship Goals is now available for purchase!


Let 2017 become the year of TEAMWORK in our community, especially within our immediate households.


This book consists of 7 detailed chapters that can help you understand the pros and cons of getting married, budgeting as a team, establishing your Top 5 Financial goals as a couple, buying a house together and much more!


Lessons you'll learn in the book:

​​Course 1 ​- Why you get curved
​Course 2 - ​No future in your frontin'
​Course 3 ​- Keys to having a happy financial relationship
​​Course 4 ​- Planning your marriage
​Course 5 ​- The Debt Free Wedding
​Course 6 ​- Buying a House as a Team
Course 7: Investing as a Team

-BKF Relationship Goals Wedding Planner, Budgeting Software & Debt Snowball Calculator.
-Entrance into The Winner's Circle​ online classes.


****Please note: in order to download the ebook, you will receive an email containing the link directly to the email address you use at checkout. This link will last for 30 days.

BKF Relationship Goals - eBook

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