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Brass Knuckle Finance - 3rd Edition

The highly acclaimed personal finance book Brass Knuckle Finance, written by Jarim Person-Lynn, consists of the following 7 course program that promises to not only change the way you view money but change the way you view yourself.


This is where you want to start on your journey.


eBook - $7

An all inclusive PDF that contains hyper links which allows for speedy navigation between courses!​

- eBook (PDF)
- BKF Budgeting Software & Debt Snowball Calculator (download here free)
-Entrance into the of ​The Winner's Circle​ online classes.
--The 3rd edition has been updated with new info on credit scores, how to buy a house, tax deductions and more!
**Please note: the eBook will be emailed to your email address used for the purchase. PLEASE REMEMBER TO CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER.


Use the buy now button below for the ebook only if you're outside of the U.S.

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