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There is so much money available out there today! But is it all what its promoted to be?


Follow Jarim Person-Lynn as he goes undercover to chronicle a 2 month income experiment on many of the world's largest side hustle platforms. Goal: make $200 per day minimum for 2 months using 5 streams of income.


Was it a massive fail or a success? Check out the book to find out!


Lessons you'll also learn in the book:

The difference between side hustling and entrepreneurship

How taxes work for side hustlers

A huge/comprehensive list of the world's best paying side hustles today

-$10K Side Hustle Toolkit
-Entrance into BKF University online classes
-Entrance into the $10k Side Hustle Facebook Group


****Please note: you will receive an email containing the link to download the ebook. This email will be sent directly to the email address you use at checkout. This link will last for 30 days.

The $10K Side Hustle - eBook

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