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The 3rd Edition of BKF is available now!


The highly acclaimed personal finance book Brass Knuckle Finance, written by Jarim Person-Lynn, consists of the following 7 course program that promises to not only change the way you view money but change the way you view yourself.


Lessons you'll learn in the book:

​​Course 1 ​- The Poverty Mentality
​Course 2 - ​Getting out of Debt
​Course 3 ​- The True Art of Budgeting
​​Course 4 ​- Home-loanership
​Course 5 ​- It's just a damn car
​Course 6 ​- Your Food Spending
Course 7: Taxes & Side Hustles


This is where you want to start on your journey.

-BKF Budgeting Software & Debt Snowball Calculator.
-Entrance into The Winner's Circle​ online classes.
-The 3rd edition has been updated with new info on credit scores, how to buy a house, tax deductions and more!

Shipping: Will ship standard mail through USPS. Please allow 7-10 business days for arrival!

Brass Knuckle Finance 3rd Edition - Paperback

SKU: 0012
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