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The college experience TODAY is not like it used to be. We're being pushed through college with more debt than ever simply to graduate with fewer prospects than ever.


There is a smarter way to go about the process. And with the level of debilitating student loan debt for the average grad approaching epidemic proportions, its high time we educate students on the truth about their decisions.


In #DoCollege Smarter, both propsective & current students will get all of the information about navigating the college system others could only dream about. Sections include:


-How to graduate debt free

-The importance of picking the right school & major

-Navigating the financial aid & scholarship process

-The art of budgeting as a college student

-The difference between money made & money earned

-Whether you should or shouldn't go to grad school

-What to do when skipping college all together



eBook - $7

An all inclusive PDF that contains hyper links which allows for speedy navigation between courses!​



- eBook (PDF)

- Student Budgeting Docs

- Student Loan Calculator

-Debt Snowball Calculator

- Entrance into the BKFUniversity online workshops

**Please note: the ebook will be sent to your PayPal address used in the purchase process!


Use the buy now button below for the ebook only if you're outside of the U.S.

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