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The most helpful book you'll ever read on starting your own business. Period.




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The world has been waiting for you. Day in and day out consumers are forced into using inferior versions of so many numbers of products and services. Yet the ones who were charged with moving innovation forward and spreading creativity through problem solving are stuck in dead end jobs with endless consumer debt and zero encouragement from friends, family or community members.


What’s worse? For those lucky few who do have encouragement, the access to actionable information on how exactly to start a legitimate business has long been kept away from you.


In BKF Business School, entrepreneurs, business owners & side hustlers alike will get all of the information about building world class, legitimate organizations others could only dream about. Sections include:


  • 10 Steps to Starting a Legitimate Business

  • Choosing Between LLCs, S-Corps & C-Corps

  • Understanding Marketing & Accounting Basics

  • The Best Routes for Funding your Business

  • How to Build Business Credit 

  • The Business of Real Estate

  • Creating the Right Business Plan & Pitch Deck

  • Case Studies & Advice from Successful Business Owners


Check out some of the chapters below:


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-eBook with hyperlinks between sections for easy navigation

-BKF Business School Workbook

-access to select BKF Business School Classes

-ability to sign up for the business school mentor program


Paperback includes:


-in depth physical copy of the book

-BKF Business School Workbook

-access tp select BKF Business School Classes

-ability to sign up for the business school mentor program


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