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See below for the latest freebies, sign up bonuses and discounts for help in your debt elimination or wealth building journey!

For those buying cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum, the most trusted site today is Coinbase. Use the BKF link below to start an account at Coinbase. 

When you use the BKF link below, you get $10 worth of free Bitcoin when you buy $100 worth. Don't use the link? No free currency.

Click HERE.


We've been collecting feedback for a while now and we can now officially say that the Square #cashcard is the official recommend for BKF spending accounts.


This card combined with the Square cash app

is literally the best thing smoking. Some of us

would actually happily pay a fee to use this

card, but there arent any fees.

A few of the benefits:

-For starters, its a Visa. (not an Amex that is less accepted)

-It has all the same zero liability fraud protection of credit cards

(we have to understand the difference between debit cards that use

the Star and Pin systems and visa branded debit cards.

Dont be fooled be the former)

-Did I mention no fees?

-Its Black (like our students lol)

-Its easy AF to set up

-Square will let you put basically whatever you  want lazer etched onto the front right corner of the card (like 'spending account' or 'food' or even 'F** DONALD TRUMP"

-But its connection with the cash app is its best feature. As soon as you make a purchase it lets you know and that amount is IMMEDIATELY deducted from the balance you transferred. (no pending transactions)Yes, even using credit. You can manage your transactions easily and clearly on the cash app.


And also dope? For those new to the Cash app, you can use the code below and you'll get $5 for trying it! Please note that the $5 referral bonus kicks in once you send someone money for the first time.

Click HERE to download the cash app. 


Very important: when signing up, type in code: BNXTRWD as the referral code so that you can receive your $5 bonus.


The Verge review on the cash card:


Act soon before they run out!


DDDrive for 

Just read "The $10k Side Hustle" and now you're interested in ride sharing?


Well Uber's offering new drivers up to $450 to get started.

Click HERE to sign up.

Note: you'll need to use this referral code when prompted during the signup process to get your $450 new driver guarantee: JARIMP2UE


Robinhood, the popular no-trading fee stock brokerage, is giving free stock to BKF students who sign up using our link!

Sign up and see if you get shares in Facebook, AMD, Ford, Sprint, etc (note: eligibility in the program is at Robinhood's discretion)
Click here to download the app and sign up. 


Another favorite service/app called 'Turo', basically lets you live car free or car light by renting anyone's car around you. They're also giving you you money, $25 of it to try out the service.


For those who want to try Turo for free. Click HERE to get $25 off your first trip.



Here’s how it works (generally):

1. Download the Dosh app that pays you to shop where you already shop. (Its a marketing tool for the retailers that pay Dosh to know your spending habits)

2. Link a debit card & get $5, plus another $5 for referring any friend who does the same.

3. Get further cash by shopping how you normally do (cash back elligibility is tracked through the debit card you linked).
Though we both know the risk here is that you spend more than you normally do. As a matter of fact, thats the entire hope of the businesses that market through Dosh.

So for those who know they dont do good with things like this, dont use it! Or use a pre paid debit with established limits.
For the others, here is the download link. Use caution re over spending while in debt.
Download the app —>

Note: If you add a credit card to this app, I will personally come to your job, kick the broom out of your hands and bop you with a homie the clown sock!


Note 2: Here is a secondary review on the Dosh app:

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