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BKF/Winner's Circle Programs

A few programs we offer BKF book owners:

*Relationship & Money Counseling

(Developing Successful Partnerships)

*The Winner's Circle Entreprenuership Program

(Business development and mentorship)


*The Winner's Circle Investing School Program

(Investing education and hand holding)


*The Winner's Circle Online Financial Trainer Program

(Debt elimination, budget tracking and course correcting)

W.C. Financial Relationship Counseling

1 on 1 coaching for new and experienced entrepreneurs.



-Online consulting sessions with a business coach assigned direct

-Access to The Winner's Circle professional team (Business Lawyers, Accountants, Graphic Artists, etc)


Once you are a BKF Investing School book owner, The Winner's Circle Investment Education Program is available for a once per year cost of only $19.99!


- Unlimited questions on general investing principals, directly from a Winner's Circle Wealth Coach (using online chat)

- Investment portfolio creation (on your own) and hand holding (once you've paid off all consumer debt)

- Be the first to know when the market is in correction or crash mode to make the most of the BKF market crash strategy.

- Accountability: receive reminders at 4 different points during the year reminding you that your quarterly investment contribution is approaching and how to complete it.


Learn about the power of accountability in regards to investing here:

What if there was someone you could ask financial questions 24 hours a day and    7 days a week? Even more, what if this person was employed to personally stay on you and monitor your financial transition so that the results were guaranteed?


This is more than a group of financial advisors. This is the first Online Financial Trainer network.


For those extremely serious about changing their financial habits, The Winner's Circle would like to officially welcome you to the O.F.T. program.


And we promise you've never experienced anything like it before.  

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