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What is
Brass Knuckle Finance?

"Brass Knuckle Finance" is a wealth building philosophy that promotes a cash based, no debt, high investment return way of life.The BKF motto is "Buy Less, Live more. F* the Joneses.".


This philosophy is primarily taught through an outlet called "BKF University" which consists of free traditional classroom lectures and online digital content once a person has become an owner of any BKF book. 

Students who go through the various BKF University classes are then encouraged to organize, keep each other accountable though online and offline groups, invest together and even create legitimate companies together using lessons found in the BKF curriculum.

The first step on your journey is to attempt to help yourself become financially empowered through books, online content and workshops under BKF University.


However, if a student needs additional help, any one-on-one coaching and education is done through specialized programs under The Winner's Circle (a for-profit company that oversees Brass Knuckle Finance).


The Winner's Circle includes such programs as the Online Financial Trainer program, BKF Investing School program, BKF Relationship Goals Financial Counceling & The BKF Business Coaching program. This is also the group that facilitates and develops the BKF University content.

Further info on the various programs from The Winner’s Circle can be found by clicking here.


To learn more about the free BKF University classes, click here.

What is The Winner's Circle?
What we have:

Hundreds of

Debt free students




OVER 22,000
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