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Beat debt. Master your money.


Check out our books below!


Lessons you'll learn from the book:
Course 1 ​- Eliminating the Poverty Mentality

Course 2 ​- Getting out of Debt ​​​

​Course 3 - ​The True Art of Budgeting

Course 4 - ​Home-loanership

Course 5 - It's just a damn car

Course 6 - Your Food Spending

Course 7 - Taxes & Side Hustles




- BKF Budgeting Software & Debt Snowball Calculator (download here free)
-Access to the BKF University pre-recorded class page
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The most helpful book on buying and leasing cars is available NOW!

Lessons you’ll learn from the book:

  • What to never, ever, ever do when buying a car.

  • How to choose, locate and negotiate the right vehicle.

  • The 7 ways to lease like a complete pro.

  • How to avoid having to rely on owning a car in the first place.

and much more.

-Access to The Car God Online Purchase/Lease planner
-Entrance into BKF University online classes
-Access to the Car God purchase & lease consultation service ($20 for 30 days)

Note: to sign up for the Car God purchase & lease consultation, click HERE.


Shipping:  standard mail through USPS. Please allow 7-10 business days for arrival!


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Check out this popular book in order to learn how to really invest.

​Chapter 1 ​- Finding Your Multiplier

Chapter 2 ​- Becoming a BKF Investor ​​​

Chapter 3 - ​The Market Crash

Chapter 4 -​ Everything else your should know about investing

​Chapter 5 - The Recap

The 3rd Edition is updated with sections on the following:

  • The Newly Revised BKF Millionaire Portfolio

  • Analysis on the Best Robo Investing Sites

  • How to Invest in Privately Held Companies

  • The Negro Index Fund

  • How to Maximize Investments in a Market Crash

  • and more!



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THIS is our business book. You will have zero excuses after reading it.

The world has been waiting for you.

Day in and day out consumers are forced into using inferior versions of so many numbers of products and services. Yet the ones who were charged with moving innovation forward and spreading creativity through problem solving are stuck in dead end jobs with endless consumer debt and zero encouragement from friends, family or community members.


What’s worse? For those lucky few who do have encouragement, the access to actionable information on how exactly to start a legitimate business has long been kept away from you.


In BKF Business School, entrepreneurs, business owners & side hustlers alike will get all of the information about building world class, legitimate organizations others could only dream about. Sections include:


  • 10 Steps to Starting a Legitimate Business

  • Choosing Between LLCs, S-Corps & C-Corps

  • Understanding Marketing & Accounting Basics

  • The Best Routes for Funding your Business

  • How to Build Business Credit 

  • The Business of Real Estate

  • Creating the Right Business Plan & Pitch Deck

  • How to Navigate the New Crowdfunding Rules for Small Businesses



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The $10,000 Side Hustle Project! 

There is so much money available out there today.
But is it all what its promoted to be?
Follow Jarim Person-Lynn as he goes undercover to chronicle a 2 month experiment on many of the world's largest side hustle platforms. Goal: make $200 per day minimum for 2 months using 5 streams of income.
Was it a massive fail or a success? Check out the book to find out!
Lessons you'll also learn in the book:
  • The difference between side hustling and entrepreneurship
  • How taxes work for side hustlers
  • A huge/comprehensive list of the world's best paying side hustles today

-$10K Side Hustle Toolkit
-Entrance into BKF University online classes
-Entrance into the $10k Side Hustle Facebook Group


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BKF's marriage and finance book!

The official marriage and money book - BKF Relationship Goals - is now available!


'BKF Relationship Goals' consists of 7 detailed chapters that can help you understand the pros and cons of getting married, budgeting as a team, establishing your Top 5 Financial goals as a couple, buying a house together and much more!


​​Chapter 1 ​- Why you get Curved

Chapter 2 ​- No future in your Frontin

​Chapter 3 - ​The Keys to Having a Happy Financial Relationship

Chapter 4 - ​Planning your Marriage

Chapter 5 - The Debt Free Wedding

Chapter 6 - Buying a House as a Team

Chapter 7 - Investing as a Team

-BKF Budgeting Software, Wedding Planner & Debt Snowball Calculator. 
-Entrance into The Winner's Circle​ live stream classes. 


Education should not be a debt sentence!

The college experience TODAY is not like it used to be. We're being pushed through college with more debt than ever simply to graduate with fewer prospects than ever.


There is a smarter way to go about the process. And with the level of debilitating student loan debt for the average grad approaching epidemic proportions, its high time we educate students on the truth about their decisions.


In #DoCollege Smarter, both propsective & current students will get all of the information about navigating the college system others could only dream about.


Sections include:


-How to graduate debt free

-The importance of picking the right school & major

-Navigating the financial aid & scholarship process

-The art of budgeting as a college student

-The difference between money made & money earned

-Whether you should or shouldn't go to grad school

-What to do when skipping college all together



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Finally - a book you can give to friends you want to see do better!

This is why youre broke ad.png

This is why you're Broke! - A comprehensive guide to your own financial stupidity.


After reading Brass Knuckle Finance, this quick read is the book you give others you want to see do better.


Includes budget templates and access to the BKFUniversity classes! 

This interactive PDF will be sent to your email address so make sure you supply the correct one.



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Want to fix your credit super duper extra fast? Willing to do anything? 

The 30 Second Credit Fix Cover.png

Lessons you’ll learn from the book:

  • How to repair your credit legally, without going to jail.

  • How to read your credit report without having a law degree.

  • Filing multiple disputes without triggering "frivolous" alerts.

  • Rehabilitating your student loans, settling tax debts, bankruptcy and more!

-Access to debt collector letters and validation requests
-Entrance into BKF University online classes
-Access to the O.F.T. 1 on 1 consultation program

Note: to sign up for the O.F.T. program, click HERE.


Shipping:  standard mail through USPS. Please allow 7-10 business days for arrival!


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****Please note****
For all eBooks purchased, you will receive an email containing the link to download the ebook. This email will be sent directly to the email address you use at checkout. This link will last for 30 days.
For all paperbacks purchased, please allow 7-10 business days for delivery.
Please email for any customer service issues.


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